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Barry focuses on all aspects of a professional ski boot fit, offering the comfort of a heated insole, a variety of liners to cater to everyone, options of different foot beds, general boot work to make the shell perform at its best for you, and proper alignment with your knees and legs. Click here to book a ski boot fitting with an experienced technician. 


Ski Connexions is dedicated to making sure you get the best fit for your foot. Barry has experience and knowledge in the best ski boot liners on the market.


Barry creates a custom foot bed for inside your ski boot to ensure optimal performance, and comfort while you ski.


A professional ski boot fit focuses on the whole picture, not just how your foot fits in the boot, but also how your leg and knee align, to ensure you're getting the best comfort and performance out of your ski boots.

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Cold feet can limit your ability to ski comfortably and to have a full day of skiing on the mountain. Heated liners are a wonderful option to stay cozy and keep your feet comfortable on the cold winter days.

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A cast conversion consists of taking your regular ski boot and making it into a touring boot. Usually to do this you have to send your boot away, and have a third party company make the changes, but Barry is the only person in Whistler who is trained and certified to do cast conversions in house at Evo Village Sports.


Shaping and molding the shell of the boot gives every foot of any shape or size room in all the right places to guarantee you can do a full day of skiing comfortable.

Ski Boot Fitting: Projects
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